The Ultimate Relationship Academy:

3 Pillars to Finding Your Perfect Match 

Are you tired of navigating the confusing world of dating and relationships, only to end up feeling unfulfilled and disconnected? Discover the transformative journey that will unveil the mysteries of attraction, help you break free from limiting patterns, and guide you towards finding the person who truly aligns with your values and vision.

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and embark on a path to love and connection like never before. Through our three powerful pillars, you'll gain the insights and tools to create a relationship that resonates with your deepest desires. It's time to unlock the secrets to lasting love. Are you ready to begin your journey?

Are you tired of struggling to find true LOVE
Tired of the dating app struggle? It's time to leave behind dating frustrations. Stop wasting time and money on mismatched connections. Let's uncover your true desires and take action to make them a reality. 
Are your ready to be LOVED?
Strong, joyful relationships are built by two individuals who understand their partner strengths and preferences. Distinguishing between infatuation and true love, they share core beliefs and conquer challenges together.  

They prioritize God, communication, intimacy, and keeping the spark alive. With clear relationship goals, they navigate the journey together. Despite setbacks, their commitment prevails.

Despite past heartaches and uncertainties, hope is not lost. It's time to reclaim control:



Designed Differently

Discover His Needs. Her Needs!

Do you know what you actually want in a relationship? Or what you really need? Are you asking for too much? Not enough?
Do you believe that you can have a successful long-term relationship? Do you have faith that, even though you’ve had some disappointments in the past, you can still have successful relationships in the future? you know HOW to create those relationships?
Ask yourself...
  • Am I currently happy with my relationship or relational status?

  • ​Is my self-esteem attracting me to certain kinds of people?

  • ​Are you loving your partner the way they want to be loved?

  • ​Would my life be better if I could answer the question, “Are You The One I Want?”

From the time you were young, you were implanted with false ideas of what it means to be in a relationship.  Both cultural and family norms shape many of your relational beliefs and practices.

False ideas like these sneak in:
  • ​“There’s nobody out there for me.”

  • ​“God will bring them to me if I just pray hard enough." 

  • ​"Why are non-believers the ones asking me out?"

  • ​“I’ve never been in a healthy relationship.”

  • ​“Everyone gets divorced now, why even bother…”

  • ​This person might be the last you settle for second best.

You desperately want to BREAK THROUGH...But you don’t know how.

You feel stuck. Discouraged. Overcome by the weight of previous failed relationships.

But what if there were a solution?

A way to date confidently. A way to conquer your past relationships, understand the difference between infatuation and love, know what you want, keep the spark alive, and CONFRONT past hurts and disappointments?

Now there is...

INTRODUCING...A Transformative 60 Day Course!
The Ultimate Relationship

3 Pillars to Finding Your Perfect Match

In this 60-day faith-based course, there is a three step process that will lead you to finding lasting love. In this step-by-step process, there are 24 self-paced lessons online that lead you on a journey to discover the difference between infatuation and love, conquering past relationships, identifying good/bad behavioral patterns, discover the qualities of your ideal partner, and much more!

A journey to the long-term 

relationship you deserve. 

In this life-changing course, you’ll learn:

  • ​God's DESIGN for creating lasting love

  • IDENTIFYING red flags quickly

  • ​The SURPRISING ways the chemistry of your body contributes to infatuation

  • ​How to OVERCOME the soulmate myth

  • ​How to ELIMINATE negative relationship programming from your childhood 

  • ​How to PREPARE yourself for effective communication

  • ​Techniques to MOVE from infatuation to love 

  • ​How to ACCEPT change

  • ​How to DETERMINE what you need in a relationship

  • ​How to UNDERSTAND the needs and wants of the opposite sex

  • STRATEGIC breakthroughs on PATTERNS of behavior that hold you back

  • ​How to identify OBSTACLES and then conquer them 

  • STRATEGIES to keep the spark alive

  • ​And so much more!

There are 3 pillars with 8 lessons.

The lessons are:

#1 - Is It Love or Is It Oxytocin?

You read about it in books; you sing about it in songs. Romantic movies are based upon it. You've probably felt it yourself. The "it" is love's first bite, that feeling of being head over heels in love with someone. But in order to know if a person is right for you, you need to know the difference between true love and the chemicals your body produces. That's what this lesson is all about.

#2-Childhood Reverberations

The chemicals in your brain aren't the only aspect of attraction. How you grew up, your relationship with your family, and the beliefs you formed about relationships are major factors in who you're attracted to. This lesson will help you look at some of those influences and understand how they influence who you are today.

#3 - Beware of the Need to Fill the Emptiness Within

Now that you've explored the chemical nature of infatuation and the childhood influences of attraction, it's time to discover how you may be choosing someone to fill an emptiness within you. This lesson will help you know whether you're finding love or simply looking to fill a hole.

#4 - The Soulmate Myth

Now that you know the danger of choosing a partner based upon body chemistry, feelings of need, or familiarity, let's examine the concept of a soulmate. Is it real...or a myth? This lesson will unlock everything you need to know about the concept of the soulmate.

#5 - The Role of Past Relationships

Your past relationships play a huge role in terms of who you're attracted to. This lesson will help you identify how your past relationships have shaped you, both for good and bad. You'll also discover what things you need to be aware of as you open up to future relationships.

#6 - Un-Crushing the Crush

In this lesson, you'll learn strategies to make it through a break-up as quickly as possible. Once you learn to move past a break-up, you're ready to open up to the one you truly want. This lesson will teach you to how move past the heartache of a breakup and be ready for a new relationship.

#7 - Do You Love You?

Relationships are the most fulfilling and the most painful teachers in life. In relationships you learn the type of people you are attracted to and what characteristics drive you crazy. But here's the thing: if you don't love yourself, you're prone to making relationship mistakes. This lesson is going to help you determine whether you truly love yourself.

#8 - Module 1 Summary and Reflection

You now know your choice of relationship partners is directed by the relationships of your parents or primary caretakers in childhood, that the chemicals your body produces have a powerful effect upon your feelings, and that your self-image is important in choosing a partner. It's time to reflect on what you've learned, as well as think through how you're going to implement these things in your life.

#9 - Unknown Influences in Relationships

Every relationship has unknown influences that can be both good and bad. The key to a successful relationship is knowing what subconscious things influence you. This lesson will help you unlock the key influences in your relationships and help you manage them appropriately.

#10 - What's Important: Physical or Emotional Intimacy?

For a relationship to be successful, it's important to understand both physical and emotional intimacy. Some people want physical intimacy more than emotional, and vice versa. This module will help you understand what you want in terms of intimacy and teach you to understand what others want as well.

#11 - Will You Communicate With Me?

When you speak, you may understand your words in one way while your partner may understand them completely differently. This can have a massive impact on your relationship. In this lesson you'll learn more about key communication strategies and the different ways people understand what is said to them.

#12 - Sexuality and Sensuality

Understanding your sexuality and sensuality can deeply enhance your relationship. But many people either don't understand their sexual and sensual desires or don't communicate them clearly. This lesson will help you communicate honestly with your partner about your needs and desires.

#13 - What's Your Love Language?

Each person has a unique love language. Some people feel loved when words are spoken, while others feel loved by acts of service. You need to know what your love language is. In this lesson, you'll learn that what others do or say that results in you feeling loved, cared for, and appreciated.

#14 - The Challenge of Change

This lesson is to help you look beyond those initial passionate stages of the relationship to where you're celebrating 30, 40, or 50 years together. Those 40+ year relationships faced down a number of challenges by using very specific strategies and skills. This module will teach you the skills needed to get past those challenges.

#15 - What Do You Want Most?

In this lesson, you'll go through a guided process to discover what is most important to you. This process will bring greater clarity to what you really, truly, deeply want in a partner. You'll be guided through a series of questions that will help you know what you really desire in a relationship.

#16 - Module 2 Summary and Reflection

In this lesson, you're going to reflect on all that you've learned about what you want in a partner. You understand the things that make you tick, and now it's time to think about how you're going to put those into practice in your relationships.

#17 - What's Your Programming?

As much as you've worked on overcoming what you might call "negative patterns," there is one specific time they pop up again: during times of stress. Stress can throw you back into the past. Reverting to unhealthy behavior patterns can damage your relationship. This lesson will help you prepare for times of stress, so you can respond in a healthy and supportive manner.

#18 - Is it a Mistake or a Pattern?

In this lesson, you'll discover the difference between mistakes and patterns. A mistake is something everyone makes. It happens once, perhaps twice, and you learn from it. A pattern is an ingrained way of behaving which is difficult to change. You're going to learn to identify the patterns in your life so you can eliminate them in the future.

#19 - What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Leading up to this lesson, you've spent a lot of time reflecting on what you really want in a relationship. Now it's time to decide on your non-negotiables. This lesson will help you map out the things that you absolutely must have in a relationship, as well as the things that aren't as important.

#20 - Confronting Hurt and Disappointment

Relationships can change in an instant due to the hidden emotional "mindfield" within everyone. Every relationship will have some measure of hurt and disappointment. It's simply how relationships are. But you can learn to confront those things in healthy ways that actually strengthen your relationship. That's what you'll learn in this lesson.

#21 - Can You Forgive and Forget?

In the previous lesson, you examined ways to respond when things go wrong in your relationship. In this lesson, you'll learn about forgiveness and releasing the pain of past hurts. The ability to forgive is key to having a healthy relationship, and this lesson will guide you through the steps necessary for forgiveness to happen.

#22 - Relationships are Wonderful

You've been delving into some tough information. By the very nature of this course, you've looked at challenges and difficulties in relationships. When you focus on them, the tendency is to see only the challenges in relationships. The focus of this lesson is to examine whether you are ready for a committed long-term relationship. Relationships are truly wonderful, but you need to be willing to commit to them.

#23 - Strategies to Keep the Spark

What you'll learn in this lesson is as important as the previous 22 lessons. You'll find suggestions which have kept many a relationship strong through the difficult times. Life gets routine. You each have a daily routine of work and responsibilities. If you have children, they can take up much of your time. To support your commitment to each other, you need to carve out time just for the two of you. This lesson will give you key strategies for keeping the spark in your relationship.

#24 - Module 3 Summary and Reflection

During this course, you may come in touch with feelings and memories that are painful, yet crucial to strengthening your relationships. That takes courage. This lesson will help you reflect on all you've learned and consider how to implement it in your life.

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  • FINALLY learn to work through the obstacles 
  • ​Learn what YOU want from a relationship
  • STOP putting it off and START making forward progress today
Isn’t it time to embrace the love you deserve?

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About The Instructors

Marc and Kelly Kitsko have over 3 decades of experience in coaching and biblical counseling for Christian singles who are dating, building healthy relationships, communication styles, personal breakthroughs and discovering lasting love.  

Our purpose is to help you navigate the complexities of dating so you can show up confidently and powerfully into a dating relationship that moves you to a Christ-centered marriage. 

Marc is a leader in the personal growth industry. Founder of City Gate International, author of the Empowered Life, creator of the Ultimate Relationship Program. 

He's also a veteran supporting Operation Spartan Shield, and a Lieutenant Commander, Chaplain, in the United States Navy.

Kelly is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), specializing in Art Therapy. 

Marc and Kelly have three kids and live in Southern California.

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